I’m a web developer at the age of 23 with a passion for best practice and semantics—sometimes in the sense of a perfectionist. I have a constant urge to further myself with learning, and this makes web development and more specifically front-end development my optimal field. My free time is often occupied by digging into language specifications or keeping up with the web thanks to my never-ending feed list.

Currently I’m employed at Genero Digital Agency, focusing on Drupal and social media campaigns.

Besides the technical bit I’m stationed in Helsinki, Finland and I’m fluent in Swedish and English, and with a basic understanding of Finnish.


Tools of the trade


  1. Herrgårds Glass

    Implemented a responsive website with Drupal for a recently opened company producing their own ice cream. User Experience was important as well as an easy way for customers to make batch orders.

  2. Papaya - Salladscafé

    Papaya, a small café in Tammisaari, needed a simple informational site so we delivered an easily manageable website to keep customers informed of the weeks lunch menu. Works well on mobile devices as well.

  3. Nordangolf

    Nordan Oy ordered a site for a new project of theirs, namely a company arranging golf tours within Finland for Russian tourists. So far the project hasn’t kicked off.

  4. Johan Kvarnström - Blog

    Rap artist Johan Kvarnström was in need of a personal blog where he could share his love for music and poetry. This was done as a pro-bono project as he’s a friend of a friend and most importantly, he’s kind enough to share his music to the world for free.


  1. Back to Visuals

    I created a visual JavaScript demo for a LAN-party, later submitted to Chrome Experiments. Source can be found in the github repo.

  2. Transaction Exporter

    A Chrome extension to pull data from Nordea and OP and push it into a Google Spreadsheet for filtering and archiving.

  3. Drupal base theme

    A base theme for Drupal sites using Stylus CSS-preprocessor. Ongoing project to be released later.

  4. Drupal stylus module

    A Stylus module for Drupal with a very domain-specific solution. Namely developers using a dev station with Node.JS access and a production station without.

  5. Drush build

    A Drush module to automate building and deploying Drupal built websites. It supports drush make, site-install, scaffolding of alias files, transfer of public keys, bitbucket repository creation and installation of drush on a remote host.


  1. Arcada

    Second year Information Technology Student with a GPA of 3.7 so far.